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Battery Change For an Inexpensive Radio Slave Transmitter

The inexpensive radio slaves sold on Ebay and other places have a battery in the transmitter that routinely needs to be changed.  This is easy to do and the only required tool is a small Phillips screwdriver.

A marginal battery in the radio slave transmitter causes the radio slave set to be unreliable.  A sync speed that creeps slower and slower, inconsistent firing, or shrinking of range are indicators that the transmitter battery needs to be changed.

This short "tip" will show you how to accomplish this task.

First a quick overview of what is required.  More detailed instruction, with pictures, follows.

More detailed instructions:

Typical Radio Slave Transmitter
Typical Radio Slave Transmitter

First note that there are several different versions of this radio slave transmitter being sold.  But, most of them are very alike.  They look either exactly like the image to the left, or very similar to it.  This "tip" depicts a particular model, but it is representative of most of the ones being sold.

Transmitter Screw Location
Transmitter Screw Location

Remove the transmitter from the camera and lay it on a table in an area with good light.

Find the screw on the bottom of the transmitter that holds the two halves of the transmitter together.  The arrow indicates where to remove this screw.

Remove the screw with a small Phillips head screwdriver and separate the two plastic case halves of the transmitter.

Transmitter Battery Location
Transmitter Battery Location

Locate the battery as shown in the image to the left.

Remove the old battery.

Note the + /- polarity markings for the battery on the circuit board.

Install the new battery consistent with the polarity markings noted above.

Reassemble the transmitter case halves

Install the case half retaining screw.  Be careful and do not over tighten this screw.  The screw inserts into a plastic screw boss that is easily striped.

That is it.


Be sure to immediately test your radio slave to make sure everything is working properly.

Remember to always carry a spare transmitter battery.  Never trust batteries, even the best ones.  Always have a spare.