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Item #0037 Female Hotshoe to Inexpensive Radio Slave Adapter Cable

Female Hotshoe to Inexpensive Radio Slave Adapter Cable
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THIS ITEM HAS BEEN REPLACED by item #0145 — Female Hotshoe to Inexpensive Radio Slave Adapter Cable.   CLICK HERE if your browser does not redirect you within 10 seconds.

This adapter cable has a female hotshoe that will accept a hotshoe-based flash.  The attached cord provides a sync connection to many of the inexpensive radio slave receivers sold on Ebay and by other merchants (see photograph of typical radio slave receiver).

This cable provides direct and reliable function.  It avoids the need to use the unreliable PC sync connector or the need to connect several sync adapters in series (which often results in misfiring).

This adapter will provide a sync connection for flash units such as the Canon 580EX, 550EX, 430EX, 540EZ, 420EZ, 430EZ, Nikon SB-600, and many other flash units that do not have a sync connector on the flash.

The bottom of the connector provides both male shoe rails, and a ¼ inch - 20 tripod screw.  This affords many mounting opportunities including to standard tripods, to other flash shoes, and directly to the very popular umbrella adapters.

This is a new version of the adapter based on a slightly nicer German hotshoe.

The cable is straight and approximately 11 inches long.

Price: $19.50 + shipping