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Item #0171 2"x5" Special Effects Pack — for 1 Compact Flash

2"x5" Special Effects Pack — for 1 Compact Flash
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These gels are cut to 2" x 5" and are used to create various special effects with your compact flash.

Use Neutral Density gels to reduce the power of light from your flash.

Use the other colored gels to create different colors of light in your photos.

Velcro is the recommended method of attaching these to your flash and is not included in this pack.  If you would like to use Velcro to attach the gels, pick up the Velcro Packs to go along with these. See also these instructions, in FlashZebra.Com's Tips & Techniques section, illustrating how to attach the gels.

This gel pack contains 1 each of the following Rosco gels:

1 ⁄ 2 Stop Neutral Density
1 Stop Neutral Density
2 Stop Neutral Density
Primary Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Price: $6.00 + shipping