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Item #0286 Hotshoe Adapter for Sony NEX 3, C3, 5, 5N

Hotshoe Adapter for Sony NEX 3, C3, 5, 5N
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Fits the Sony NEX 3, C3, 5 and 5N cameras.

Note that this does not fully work with the Sony NEX F3 and 5R.  The LCD screen is affected and the self portrait mode cannot be accommodated.

A small screwdriver is included for easily attaching and removing the adapter from the Sony NEX camera.

This adapter provides a more common ISO type hotshoe for these Sony NEX cameras.  This allows various common hotshoe devices to be mounted on the accommodated Sony NEX cameras.

One of the more common uses would be to attach a flash radio slave transmitter or transceiver, such as those from Pocket Wizard, PCB CyberSync, Elinchrom Skyport, or YongNuo, for controlling an off camera radio flash unit(s).

Price: $15.00 + shipping