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FlashZebra is now a part of MK Controls, Inc., home of the Lightning Bug™.

Rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated, we are still here and shipping daily, just under new ownership. We are committed to providing the same expert service and support customers have come to expect from FlashZebra, and we appreciate your business!


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are suspending all shipments to Australia and the United Kingdom. Sincerest apologies!

About FlashZebra:

FlashZebra is a business focused on manual off-camera flash, both small hotshoe-type flash and studio flash.  FlashZebra offers custom adapters and flash cords that most photographic merchants pass over due to lack of volume, including speciality items for those wanting to customize their own flash gear.

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Featured new product: Item #0260 Shutter Cable - Nikon 10 Pin to Pocket Wizard Plus III, Flex TT5, and later MultimaxFor Pocket Wizard Plus III, Flex TT5 and the latest Multimax models and cameras with the 10 Pin connector. Similar in function to Pocket Wizard Cable N90M-ACC-ND.