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Item #0200 Deluxe Umbrella Adapter with Clamp Style Shoe

Deluxe Umbrella Adapter with Clamp Style Shoe
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This versatile umbrella adapter (also called a swivel bracket) lets you conveniently mount a shoe-based flash and a photographic umbrella to a light stand or tripod.

The item includes the basic light stand ⁄ umbrella mount, two 58 inch brass inserts (called spigots), and a clamp style flash shoe.

This clamp style flash shoe is very secure and easily attaches to most flash units.  It works especially well with the hard to fit Nikon SB-900, 800, 600 and 80DX.

The shoe has an open area under the flash contacts.  The contacts just dangle in air.

One brass insert has a ¼ inch - 20 screw on one end, and a 38 inch - 16 screw on the other end.  In the picture this adapter has the clamp shoe already attached to the ¼ inch end.

The other brass insert has a ¼ inch - 20 screw hole in one end, and a 38 - 16 screw hole in the other.

These brass inserts allow you to easily adapt all sorts of flash attachments to the umbrella adapter.  This is a most versatile device.

The adapter will mount on both 38 inch and 58 inch light stands, and to standard tripods using one of the included brass inserts.

To add a photographic umbrella, just insert it into the hole in the bracket and tighten the securing thumbscrew.

The bracket has a convenient angle adjustment with a robust handle to secure the angle of interest.

When attached the angle position of the umbrella moves automatically with the angle position of the attached flash. Item #0041 and Item #0200 are identical except that Item #0200 has a nicer clamp style flash shoe.

The photograph shows the included parts, and a typical setup (flash, flash cord, and light stand not included).

Price: $19.50 + shipping