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Item #0135 Deluxe Canon Hotshoe with Miniphone Jack (Female)

Deluxe Canon Hotshoe with Miniphone Jack (Female)
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This adapter cable has a female hotshoe specifically designed for Canon flash units.  It has a reliable, integrated miniphone jack (female 3.5mm - 1 ⁄ 8") sync connector.

This hotshoe adapter is specifically engineered for the Canon 580EX, 550EX, 430EX, 430EX II, 540EZ, 430EZ and 420EZ.

This hotshoe adapter works surprisingly well with the often hotshoe-finicky Nikon SB-600 and it will also work with most other hotshoe flash units including the Vivitar 285HV, Sunpak 383, Sunpak 433D and Minolta 4000AF.


Depending on your camera, these would be the two most commonly used cords to attach the flash to the camera:

These optical slaves will also plug directly into these hotshoe adapters (no cord needed):

Price: $24.50 + shipping

Temporarily Out of Stock