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Item #0129 Optical Slave — In Hotshoe Mount

Optical Slave — In Hotshoe Mount
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This optical slave is packaged in a convenient hotshoe.

This device will immediately fire a connected flash unit when another flash burst is detected.  This allows a remote flash to be fired without any connecting wires.

It requires no batteries or other power; it runs off the flash unit to which it is connected.


The triggering flash must not emit a pre-flash as this will prematurely fire the connected flash.

This optical slave will work with many hotshoe based flash units (see very partial listing below).

Tested and works with:
Nikon SB-28
Sunpak 383
Sunpak 433D
Vivitar 285 (see 285HV below)
Vivitar 283
Olympus T-32
Minolta 4000AF
Minolta 360PX
Canon 540EZ (works but difficult to mount flash to hotshoe)
LumaPro LP120

Will NOT work with:
Nikon SB-600
Canon 220EX, 360EX, 430EX, 430EX II, 550EX, 580EX, 580EX II
Vivitar 285HV — new version (older 285HV version not tested yet)
Sigma 500DX ST, Sigma 530DX ST
Young Nuo YN-460, YN-462

Price: $16.00 + shipping