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Item #0121 Flash Stand

Flash Stand
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A versatile and compact flash stand, for tabletop use and tripod mounting, that works with almost all hotshoe based flash units.

The stand is approximately 4.25 x 3.25 x 0.45 inches.  It is slightly larger than the stands included with current Canon and Nikon flash units.  This extra size makes this flash stand more stable.

The stand is made of a very rugged engineering plastic.  The ¼" - 20 threaded "tripod" socket (see inset) on the bottom has a metal insert (the stand supplied with the Canon flash units have easy to strip plastic threads).  So, in addition to tabletop use, you can use this stand to secure your flash to a common tripod or the many other devices that use the very common ¼" 20 tripod thread.

This unit has the required hole to accommodate the locking pin on all recent Nikon SB flash units, but also works nicely on most other hotshoe based flash brands such as Canon, Vivitar, Sunpak, Pentax, Olympus, etc.  All the recent Canon EX flash units have secure locking mechanisms that do not depend on a locking pin.

It does not work with the non-ISO hotshoe used on recent Sony and Minolta flash units.

Price: $8.50 + shipping