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Item #0023 Canon 580EX Replacement Foot Assembly with Installed Mini Jack Sync Port

Canon 580EX Replacement Foot Assembly with Installed Mini Jack Sync Port
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Temporarily Out of Stock

Attention: Part no longer available from Canon.

This is new and genuine Canon replacement foot assembly with a mini jack sync port already added.  It is very easy to install this part on your Canon 580EX flash.

It takes less than 10 minutes.  The only tool required is a good quality small Phillips head screwdriver.  You just remove four screws, unplug a cable connector for the old flash foot, then install the new foot with the sync port by plugging in the cable connector and replacing the screws.

A highly detailed, three-page instruction set is included.  The instructions include photographs illustrating the process in great detail.

You can do this very easy install yourself, and avoid all the difficult aspects of adding a sync port to your own 580EX from scratch (drilling, soldering, etc).  You can also avoid the time and expense of shipping your 580EX to someone else for modification.  Doing this install yourself allows you to avoid being without your trusty 580EX for many days due to shipping in two directions.

Note: This item will NOT fit the Canon 580EX II.

Price: $54.00 + shipping (includes foot with sync port and very detailed instruction set).

Temporarily Out of Stock

You can retain your old foot assembly for a spare.  Or, if the foot assembly is in perfect functional shape, and reasonable aesthetic shape, return it to FlashZebra.Com for a $12.00 "core" refund (subject to an inspection and approval by FlashZebra.Com).  If your "core" is not in good enough shape to recycle and receive the credit, it will be shipped back to you free of charge.  You can even reuse the packaging that comes with the new assembly.  A return address label will be included in your package so you can easily return your old foot assembly to FlashZebra.Com.

Net Price after a useable "Core" is returned, $42.00.

Need a cord to connect the sync port on this flash foot to a Pocket Wizard or Elinchrom Skyport?  See Item #0062 — Deluxe 13 Inch Right Angle Miniphone Plug (1 ⁄ 8 inch - 3.5mm) to Miniphone Plug.