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Item #0263 Pixel - 8 AA Cell Battery Pack for Nikon (not SB-900)

Pixel - 8 AA Cell Battery Pack for Nikon (not SB-900)
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For Nikon SB 800, 80DX, 28, 28DX, 27, 25, & 24.  This pack will NOT work with the SB-26 or SB-900.  See Item #0267 for a battery pack for the SB-900.


Approximate dimensions of pack in case (excluding cord): 3 X 1.75 X 7 inches (8.0 X 4.3 X 17.5 cm).  Approximate weight with NiMH cells installed (including cord): 0.93 pound (0.42 kg).

Important Use Notes:
  1. Both power connector and PC connector must be plugged into flash for function.
  2. AA cells must still be installed in internal battery compartment of flash.
  3. Take no more than 15 consecutive exposures before allowing the flash to cool.  Exceeding this usage may damage the flash from excessive heat buildup.
  4. The Item #0208 solves the lack of connectivity for those that want to simultaneously use a radio slave AND an external power pack.  This battery pack, just like the Nikon SD-8A pack, requires you to plug part of the attached cord into the PC sync port on the flash.  If you intend to use a radio slave like a Pocket Wizard, Skyport, or CyberSync you will need an additional sync adapter to connect the radio slave.  The Item #0208 adapter allows you to connect the radio slave sync to the Nikon proprietary 3-pin port located near the PC port on the flash.

Similar in function to the Nikon SD-8A


Price: $66.50 + shipping